Resemblance to the wow classic gold

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3 months ago

Posted: 3 months ago
Makes more sense to bring it earlier than later when we want some kind of resemblance to the wow classic gold first naxx launch, GuildGenerally speaking, my response to battling to burnout would be to go"back to the well".

Ask yourself exactly what got you interested in playing with the game in the first place. During the periods of your life that you were not active in any type of WoW, what ideas lingered in your memory that made you want to come back to re-experience the game?

For me personally, it is running around in the open world. One of the best feelings for me is heading to STV for the first time.

I chief a warrior and sometimes just farm felcloth for hours at Aszhara.This strikes accurate, he pvp'd a bit, farms lashers that is among the worst farms and is not revered with AD yet.

Frankly I just spammed AV for the Buy classic wow gold rep things. Didn't really enjoy it as alliance because we have farmed all the time:D Ressing on horde and using PI and spamming nova had been fun but few inbetween.

I'm surprised in the AD rep too - I'm revered without having run those dungeons too much. Just gotta be sure to have your own trinket equipped. However, in regards to lashers - that's pretty much the sole farm available to curing priests.