Translating Japanese to English will always lose something in translation

Translating Japanese to English will always lose something in translation


Wait either you dont know what you talking about or I'm wrong but naverius/lilipa shouldn't boost ultimate quests since at level 30 you unlock ultimate timed abilitys. Then whats the point of this ultimate time abilitys? Or the advanced quest ones as soon as you're able to merely use the planet specific ones? So its more ideal to meseta pso2 choose planet ones since they give assault stat bonus on top of the primary effect and operate for UQs as well for the specific planet I had this specific question at first and it was killing me I couldn't locate the answer until recently. I even grinded my TA crafting level to 30 to find out however, surprise, you can not even craft the Planet Ult TAs yet because of needing Gold-X materials which just come from 13* components or Craft store which we do not have.

It looks good and all, but besides ultimates what is the point of choosing the highest gear score possible? Like there is nothing such as a raid or high end content yet anyhow. Huh. That bath scene is super tame and tbh just kinda cute. And they are covered up.

In Hitsugi's instance, I wouldn't call it gratuitous. It is a very common anime trope to have introspection reveal the character without clothing. I'm a bit pissed off about the item descriptions over anything else . That was only straight up . And of course some of these are flat out incorrect. Like the stealth camo saying it is a sword camo when it really works on all weapon types except takt. It seems most of the censorship comes in the fact that the characters are underage here in the West and the localizers want to avoid issues with depicting sexualized minors. Provided that the censorship solely resolves around avoiding sexual depictions of minors I am fine. Obviously this contributes to a slippery slope but with the quantity of stuff already in the sport that could be censored but has not been, I think we are fine.

Translating Japanese to English will always lose something in translation because of the structure of the languages. If you would like to play how it was truly intended --learn the language that is original and read/watch/play it. I expect there will a very simple mod patch to restore some of the modified cutscene content for NA/Global. Mainly more because I'm of the opinion the game should be experienced as it was made, not just because somebody got confused with some thing (like blood being censored in some matches, or deleting an whole mission just because it is too controversial).

Agree. All these clowns that keep stating. "I am fine with censorship" are even worse than those that keep pushing it. Well people do study and learn the language and guess what? This shit is still dumb and does nothing to the game's popularity. I studied Japanese for 4 decades and I'm still undecided on why would you even try to pso2 buying meseta censor/change things that has been put there from the original creators on all websites.