Good fighters

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In terms of the men and women in the comments crying about kills, who cares frankly its not really about that. Just be happy both sides had achieved something in 1 way or another. IMO yes SHH was exceptionally well organized and because of this had more kills than people, albeit most o EVE Echoes ISKf those kills were likely newbies within their destroyers xD But none the less that they soundly beat us in regards to this.

GH on the other hand, we kept our ground and because of our quick response times by many of our members we could amass a fleet of hundreds and successfully hold back the assault and achieve our goal of preparing our station. I'm proud to be in GH because we are extremely good at responding to enemy fleets and we have experienced fleet commanders who lead us to success.

In the long run it is all about having fun, respecting your enemy, and doing what you can for your alliance. Both sides fought well and I was happy to be a part of it, especially as fleet commander for my group.I saw my name pop up a few times a movie so that I had been right in the action but kept my fleet along with myself alive for the large part which I'm proud of.I've always said you guys would make fantastic frienemys...heard a good deal about you guys I wish we can work together and opt for the true enemies.Damn I hate mass PvP haha. Always been fond of small gang PvP, and that I could tell from experience that PEW are a few of the nicest folks to throw with.

Good fighters, but also nice and EVE Mobile ISK Cheap considerate.