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A Jollibee Customer, Leaves a Passionate Letter on a Tissue Paper That Staff That Read It Cried

Many will always remember after Jollibee went viral as a result of their issue concerning the 'crunchy fried towel' that presumably affected the claimed branch of this convenience food chain.

However, despite the widespread problems, there are still people that still r

[Additionally, their devoted customers are not impacted. Although they were even more consumed with purchasing as well as eating at Jollibee.

With their tagline 'Bida ang Saya,' a depressing message in a letter was obtained by the personnel of a Jollibee branch.

The message that was presumably created was about a woman's goodbye. Simply a couple of months back, a Jollibee personnel in Taguig City, read the stated message on a cells paper.

As the team reviewed it, he became really emotional as well as his heart was touched.

This letter was shared by Jollibee personnel Mark Noguera on his Facebook account. According to Mark, the individual that left the message was a female, in her 20s.

He allegedly rested at an empty table around 3 pm at the Jollibee Signal Village Branch in Taguig City. When the female ended up eating, he promptly went to clean and do away with what she had eaten.

While Mark was cleaning, he saw a cell with a letter simply positioned on the table. To his surprise, he quickly looked and also reviewed what was written on the cell's paper. Right here he recognizes, the female's letter is really for Jollibee.

The message was written on the cells paper:

This is my last Jollibee:-RRB-.

My doctor forbade me to eat junk foods. I was diagnosed with c-- r Phase 2. I wish I improve soon to make sure that I do not miss the food excess right here.


After Mark reviewed it, his heart was deeply damaged as well as his fellow team who likewise read the letter as a result of the unfortunate message the lady left.

When Mark shared this on his Facebook account, this was his inscription.

" To my customer who reflected that he was just 20+ years old and also ate earlier at Jollibee Signal Village around 3 pm earlier, I recognize your face because I am the one who offered your food, all the pain is recovery, allow's just pray for God is the Excellent Therapist of all. You can get over that as well as you will certainly be great, assert it. In behalf of my JBSV household, we will pray for your prompt recovery and we intend to provide you cozy hugs when possible. ".

Netizens that review Mark's article were also relocated. A lot of them also gave their talk about such an article:

" haysss ako hullabaloo hndi na ko mkakq pag jollibee almost exact same circumstance tayo nadiagnose yung budget ko not enough fund hayz".

" God is the most effective healer. praying for your healing in Jesus Christ name. Amen. claim na ntin na gagaling na ang lahat khit wlang sakit all our issues ..."." I feel her. That was prohibited by the physician because of the ovian cyst.".