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Mona Alawi, Had a Near-Death Experience Prior To Her 17th Birthday

Mona Alawi's party of her 17th birthday celebration was basic but fun on the 19th of August. In the vlog of her sis Ivana Alawi, they shared their party with their family members.

According to Ivana, Mona really doesn't desire a big party or even simply to obtain presents since she chooses to distribute or just assist others with the cash they can spend.

Yet, since her sibling should have to commemorate her birthday, they still had a celebration as well as they also gave Mona a gift. Ivana also spoke about it,

" We have actually prepared an extremely, really straightforward party as well as we will certainly take you to where she celebrated her 17th birthday ... We will simply celebrate an extremely simple as well as likewise men, Mona talked to me last week. He said, 'Sis don't spend.' He didn't wish to invest. He'd rather give it to you once again than we spend it ... So we'll just hold an easy party,

" We prepared food and presents for him. She likewise does not really wish to purchase a gift. Due to the fact that you understand that, prankster and also smart with gizmos. So she's my infant woman as well as she will certainly always be our child-woman. "

Apart from that, Mona likewise shared a scary incident two weeks prior to her birthday celebration. The family became psychological when they told the tale that Mona allegedly died prior to her birthday.

It is not unknown to lots of that Mona has kind 1 diabetes which caused her to be hospitalized just recently.

" My blood glucose dropped a great deal after that due to the fact that I placed way too much insulin. I assumed back then I was simply sluggish so I was still working with the computer system. I said, okay, I'll just go to sleep.


" Afterwards, I was stunned. I believed I was dreaming due to the fact that I can see myself and after that mama hugged me, she was compeling me to drink sugar ... I claimed it was like I just fantasized such as this, I was simply waiting for me to awaken.

" A couple of mins later, I fell on the bed due to the fact that I was trying to move yet because I had no control over my body then like my bones, I could not actually move also my fingers. I try to move yet I have no control over my body, "Mona shared.

Ivana sobbed as she remembered what had actually occurred to her sister. Its even a psychological promise,

" I was stunned by him, my sis informed me that God denied me, I said no, I can not really take you!"

Consequently, Mona's family wished for her birthday to be totally cured of her disease. Their mommy Fatima also stated that her boy is going through pain for her son praying for her youngest Mona to be total healing of her disease.

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