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AJ Raval, Sweetheart Divorced Due To His Sexy Functions

AJ Raval recently admitted that it has actually been two months considering that they broke up with her boyfriend, ex-PBB housemate Axel Torres. They will be commemorating their 2nd anniversary this coming September.

According to AJ, one of the main factors for their divorce is her picture and her efficiencies in sexy duties. He claimed that it appears that Axel did not accept his sexism.

Due to this, they made a decision to divide since according to AJ, with the number of tasks for him currently, he still can't select love.

" To be sincere, we had a lot of problems in our job so our relationship ended early ... I intend to continue my profession. I wish to gamble on my job as opposed to lovemaking.

" He doesn't want me to make love ... However, if I gamble on love, I will certainly lose the race. Yet if I bet in the race, I will still win, "said AJ.

However, the starlet recognizes why Axel responded like that to his duties. It is said that also before this, her ex-spouse-sweetheart knew her as a conservative lady.

However, that did change when he entered acting. AJ even assured,

" I comprehend him on his component because I participated in a partnership before I acted. I was a really conservative lady up until I became an actress ... She really did not recognize me that well so she couldn't approve that my profession resembled this. "

AJ's confession occurred recently at the online conference of his new motion picture "Taya" in which, he partnered with Sean de Guzman.

According to AJ, even Sean supposedly made Axel jealous at that time.

Nonetheless, now that AJ is single, according to the actress, she is open to the opportunity that her associates or colleagues like Sean can be kind. He also purportedly teased it when they ultimately separated from Axel.

" I texted Sean before. I teased him, I claimed, 'Sean, we're separating. You can date me ', "AJ said.

On the other hand, although there were others who agreed with Axel's claimed factor for her and also AJ's separation, there were others that sustained AJ in his choice to prioritize his job and himself.

Some netizens even suggested AJ,

" Yes, Queen! No person has the right to choose what to do with your life aside from you. Do what you desire that will make you satisfied. 'Do not listen to what others need to say. Other than they don't add to your life, they will certainly simply include negatives thoughts in your life. "

" At the very least I am. You are young for love wager. There are a lot more males however the chances are decreasing particularly as I age. So as long as you have the capacity, 'do not select love."