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Pacquiao, Mike Hanopol's Talent Fee Not Paid; Is it true?

The problem is still warm in the general public today regarding an explosive social media article by a Filipino rock symbol, Mike Hanopol, against Sen. Manny Pacquiao.

This seeks an initial participant of the Juan Dela Cruz band purportedly subjected to many people the animosity he nurtures versus individuals' Champ or the so-called Pambansang Kamao.

According to a post by veteran singer-songwriter Mike Hanopol, he stated that Pacquiao supposedly did not pay him for the songs he created Pacman.

" Pacman claimed he intends to assist. Cash is not important to him," Mike Hanopol started.

According to the vocalist, he also invested money to spend for the workshop and also the musician simply to end up the song that Pambansang Kamao made for him.

" Why don't you pay me? You made me Hebrew songs. I spend cash on a studio and also a musician. You really did not pay me for the help. You state you do not feel sorry for me. I'm old. You cheated on me," he stated.

When the concern appeared as well as spread out, several netizens offered their remarks as well as grievances concerning Manny Pacquiao's non -payment of skill charge to Mike Hanopol.

Several can not believe the claimed concern posted by the vocalist. Some netizens, particularly Pacquiao followers, never ever thought their idolizer could do that.

Other netizens that provided their comments claimed that the two might not just comprehend each other. However, however, Pacman still has to pay Mike Hanopol's skill cost due to the fact that the said singer additionally worked hard for it.

According to a record, in 2019, Mike and Pacman apparently met personally as well as it was also featured in the vlog of a Jew vlogger Drew Brinsky.

Below, Pacman stated that he can speak Hebrew and additionally validated in the claimed vlog that Pacman made a Hebrew song for Mike Hanopol.

So far, GROUP PACQUIAO has actually not made a main statement on the issue entailed. The reality behind the article of a well -well-known singer Mike Hanopol is still being ascertained.

This website is currently in the process of taking the side of GROUP PACQUIAO to make clear such concerns and additionally stop the conjectures of every netizen that complied with the stated misunderstanding between both.

Aside from being the bass guitarist of the Juan Dela Cruz Band, he is also a vocalist, videotaping artist as well as taken into consideration among the leaders of rock-and-roll in the Philippines.

Several of his most pop music is his OPM songs are "Katawan," "No Touch," "Laki sa Layaw Jeproks," as well as Titsers Enemi No. 1. "