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A Vlogger, Something Revealed About Nas Daily

The issue about a renowned vlogger Nas Daily is still not over. Just recently, several have actually been speaking about the "Whang-od Tattoo Academy" which is presumably a fraud as well as the vlogger's putting down of farmers right here in the Philippines when he when i

When the two concerns of the claimed vlogger were launched, a collection of unfavorable declarations were made by individuals who once fulfilled or were with Nas Daily for his attribute vlogs.

The news has actually simply come out that another Filipino has statements about Nas Daily that he revealed to the general public.

In a Facebook article by Lost Juan, that is additionally one of the renowned influencers in the Philippines, he said that he and Nas Daily have actually been close friends for a long time since 2017.

" Nas Daily and also I were buddies since 2017, I understood him well before however, I think everything has changed because he became famous," he claimed.

Vlogger Lost Juan additionally discussed the continuous issue with Louise De Guzman's "The Cacao Job". He said that he agreed with everything Nas stated because they were together in Bicol.

In Nas's message, Lost Juan commented, "I was there with them. That holds true! We saw nothing but a false story! I also helped to collect even more information about Louise however when we got here there, dissatisfied."

" Those current are overstated but we haven't developed what we're anticipating to see, simply pure plants as well as small cacao," he said.

He additionally exposed that most of Nas' videos are stated to be from his original idea. There were a lot of times that he assisted Nas despite the fact that he was still in college.

Vlogger Lost Juan likewise confessed that he additionally made several sacrifices for Nas. It got to the point that he was kicked out from his apartment or condo since normally in Nas' videos he needed a lot of people and in the place he did it since they had a big garage in Makati.

However, every little thing changed when Nas arrived.

" Even before there was Lost Juan, I met Nas as well as he is the reason that there is Lost Juan today. He didn't help me however I learned from him because I myself see what he does.

I am thankful for that, "he said.

" However I slowly disappointed him when I asked for assistance or assistance when I began however he never aided me.

I do not demand thankfulness yet, right? His very first million views in the Philippines were "Just how cheap is the Philippines as well as the dimension of my help," included vlogger Lost Juan.

Review vlogger Lost John's full article on his Facebook:

Hi everyone, I have things that require clearing up.

To start with, I am Filipino as well as I do not intend to abuse my fellow Filipinos.

I am just one of the people who recognize international developers who truly only make use of the Philippines to acquire followers. As well as I have actually never seen Nas Daily with such an element! Prior to a! And now it's various in truth.

Even other developers at Nas Academy, I get asked why PH is constantly featured in their components. It looks various.

Nas Daily and also I were buddies considering that 2017, I understood him quite possibly prior to yet I assume every little thing has actually altered because he became famous.

I truly shouldn't upload regarding the current concern concerning Nas Daily, but I need this to tell you that I get on your side.

I commented earlier to his message regarding Louise and I agree on what every little thing he stated on his blog post kase totoo at ko alam ang nangyare kase ksama nila ako that time sa Bicol.

Those current are overstated yet we really did not generate what we're expecting to see, just pure plants as well as small cacao.

Yet till then, I additionally really did not such as the other concern concerning whang-od. TBH

Wayback 2017 when I first fulfilled Nas Daily, he was not so popular that time (I presume he just had greater than 300k followers when he came below in PH.

It remained in his first assemble when we fulfilled, he asks people that can help him cos he's preparing to attribute as well as make a story for smokey mountain.

I increased my hand cos I intend to help (kase nga mejo fan na fan ako that time).

To make the story short, I was nearly with him during his whole remain in PH as well as he actually made several videos for Idea.

A whole lot happened and I gave a great deal of time and effort to assist him despite the fact that I was still in school during my college days.



We ended up being buddies as well as everytime he returns to the Philippines he constantly remembers me, (is that because we're friends he needs assistance!) I'm uncertain! Lol

I also made numerous sacrifices, I even decided to paint my entire house with his mural and also a lot more simply to invite him back in our country.

It also got to the point that I was evicted from where I live due to the fact that the majority of the videos we make when a great deal of individuals need them are held at my place because there is a huge parking area in Makati.

After being evicted from my apartment or condo, I never ever required anything from him but he embraced me in his resort while he was below. Yet when he left, I ended up being homeless lol. Although I missed out on something.

Yet everything of my initiative I did not pay also a peso given that I treated him as my close friend.

Occasionally I just get hooked on his journeys like bohol, pampanga, tagaytay, bicol. And no cash entailed.

But whatever has actually transformed up until he arrived all over the globe.

The simple individual has actually changed, now I do not know what the real objective is.

Also prior to there was Lost Juan, I currently recognized Nas and also he is the reason there is Lost Juan today. He didn't help me however I learned from him because I myself see what he does.

I am glad for that.

But bit by bit I was let down with him when I requested for assistance or assistance when I began yet he never helped me.

I don't require appreciation however right? His first million sights in the Philippines was the "Just how cheap is the Philippines as well as the dimension of my assistance.

As well as a lot more viral videos to comply with.

Altogether he has actually altered a whole lot, I no longer know him as a friend I understood before.

I'm not stating I'm just utilized however it feels like that. But as I said I volunteered to help, that's all I was over used as well as left on the air when I needed help.

With his current concern about whang-od, when he initially published his video about whang-od I really did not really like it when he stated "Jungles of the Philippines" until this concern came.