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Nas Daily, Criticized After Allegingly Utilizing Apo Whang-Od's Name

" CAUTION!!! Whang Od Academy is a fraud. "

This is the caution recently disclosed by the grandson of Apo Whang-od, the popular 104-year-old last 'wrestler' in Kalinga, regarding the declared online program of widely known vlogger Nas Daily.

According to Grace Palicas, Apo Whang-od did not sign any agreement with Nas Daily for the online training course that it uses to the public for Php750. Nas Daily is not just a well-recognized vlogger due to the fact that he is additionally understood for his Nas Academy.

Elegance is describing one of the latest online training courses by Nuseir Yassin, or better referred to as Nas Daily, that includes an on the internet program that will certainly educate the 'ancient art of tattoing' with Apo Whang- of.

Poise wants this to quit since Apo Whang-od presumably does not agree with it and there are people who only use their culture. It also claimed,

" My granny did not sign any agreement with [Nas Daily] to do any kind of academy. Some people are making use of our culture. PLEASE AID US QUIT this disrespect to the heritage of Apo Whang-od and the Butbot People. "

Poise is additionally a tattoo artist. In order to protect their custom, Apo Whang-od can only pass on or instruct his family exactly how to be a 'fighter'.

Grace's discovery quickly amassed numerous responses and remarks, which truly amazed and also dissatisfied several. As a result of this, the online training course was quickly eliminated from Nas Academy and is no more noticeable on the website.

At the same time, Poise clarified her declaration again in a post where she shared that she spoke to Apo Whang-od and right here she discovered that she will certainly not actually be able to join such a course.

Grace likewise revealed something regarding the people the team talked with who provided cash as well as got to an agreement. However, Apo Whang-od had nothing to do with all this. Poise emphasized here that Whang Od Academy is not real.

"Hi, every person. Whang Od Academy is unreal. I talked to her and she stated she did not recognize what the translators were claiming. Am sorry to inform you when will not be signing up with the Nas Daily ...

"I understand you have great objectives of sharing our culture with the next generation. Nonetheless, our town's problem is that some individuals are benefiting and exploiting [sic] our art and society. I know you spoke to a person as well as provided some money and will share profits, yet Apo Whang Od is not knowledgeable about your contract.

"Hope you sort this out. Thanks, farewell, "Elegance rehashed.

Nevertheless, Elegance's second blog post has now been deleted.

Due to this, Nas Daily received criticism from Filipinos that did not like as well as were dissatisfied with what the well-known vlogger did as if it were a fraud. Due to this, there are some stories that have actually appeared concerning the truth nature of Nas Daily.