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Mejia Long, Paid 400K by Management That Managed Aiko Melendez for Their Collaboration Video

A video clip of Aiko Melendez talking to a director with Mejia Long for their new task is now going viral on social media sites.

Throughout their conversation, they said that there will certainly be a kissing scene between the two of them, Long and Aiko Melendez.

" So, you, you don't care. You're cool. You're removing your clothing. You took him, after that you lips to lips torridly," the supervisor explained to Aiko for their scene with Mejia Long.

" Aiko and I truly did a bed scene, Aiko, and also I really didn't have clothes on," Mejia Long asked straight to Aiko.

The director stated without hesitation that they will seriously show the bed scenes of Aiko Melendez and also Mejia Long.

Aiko was really shocked by what their supervisor said. Incidentally, it's all just a prank. They conspired with the supervisor and after that Mejia Long.

Aiko couldn't keep quiet when the two started giggling and at the same time stated "it's a trick." I can see in the video that Aiko wishes to hit Lengthy with bottled water as a result of the trick he did.

Aiko didn't accept that. He intends to retaliate on Mejia Long in another trick.

While Long and also Aiko were consuming for their YouTube collab vlog, it was right here that he thought about beginning to prank Mejia Long.

At the start of the prank video, a man came close to Aiko as well as claimed he was posting likely to take a photo. But that ended up being Aiko's associate in their prank on Long.

Aiko as well as Long initially talked about his ex-girlfriend on their vlog. Lengthy described that it was a very long time ago when they became his ex -sweetheart's life was great.

They then reviewed viral searches on google related to Long's name.

Aiko stated what she saw associated with the viral searches was, "Long Mejia Mura."

" Ah no, it went viral. What I stated in one scene, I have a fruit shop. The female asked about the expensive banana. I said, what, do you want something cheap? ... I said, p * tang * na mo, "Long clarified.

Long likewise stated he has strategies to offer in the coming 2022 in Malolos City. He had tried prior to yet he was not lucky, so he ventured to be successful next year. He will run as a representative.

In the middle of the video, Ms. Vanessa, roadway manager and also a partner of Aiko Melendez, suddenly called Aiko to prank Long.

Aiko's roadway manager stated that when Aiko has looked in any kind of public videos, there is actually settlement.

" If you truly launch it, you were just posting likely to need to pay possibly, the typical price of Miss Aiko. It looks like we have no choice but to just make up for Miss Aiko's appearance," Miss Vanessa discussed.

Aiko informed the director of their collab vlog that her road supervisor apparently told her that she was being charged Php 400,000 in compensation.

" My ability supervisor fees Php 400,000 ... since that's my common rate per taping," Aiko said to director Tom.

To make sure that the collab video between Aiko and Long is not wasted, the video clip can just be revealed on Aiko's YouTube channel.

Long, on the other hand, agreed with the decision as director Willy explained the policy of Aiko's roadway manager and also the administration.

At the end of the video, Aiko was really sorry for what happened behind the scenes as well as said, "I hope you do not obtain carried away ... I wish you recognize that this is simply a prank," Aiko joked.

Long stated that from the very start, he was snatched in the collab they made due to the man that came close to Aiko who was intended to take a photo of Aiko and also even stated, "It's just you, Long isn't with you."

Long and also Aiko Melendez had a fun collaboration video clip. Lots of were happy with the video they made and Aiko's trick on Long.

As of this writing, the video clip has 486K views and also 1,170 K remarks.

Enjoy the full video clip below!