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Toni Fowler, Something Admitted To Tulfo About Their Partnership With Rob

One of the people individuals were complying with at that time was a star and also a YouTuber couple Toni Fowler and also Rob Moya. Many of the netizens used to be delighted with their vlogs due to their pair of video clips. Below numerous learned more about Toni and Rob much better.

Yet it was likewise rather a very long time ago when the issue spread that she and Toni Fowler, as well as Rob Moya, were separated. Many netizens have actually guessed as to what is actually the origin of their quarrel.

It will be recalled that Toni Fowler was connected to Jon Gutierrez or better called "King Badger" who was the former partner of well-known YouTuber as well as actress Jelai Andres.

Toni and Rob disturbed their fans on social networks after seeing the two together again.

In Toni Fowler's freshly submitted vlog on her YouTube account, where she shared publicly her reunion with Rob Moya.

Lots of promptly made suppositions as well as suspicions that both may have returned with each other due to the fact that they were with each other again as well as Toni also shared it herself.

In the program, Raffy Tulfo at work, Toni Fowler made clear something to the public regarding the spreading report that she and also her ex-lover partner Rob Moya have actually rejoined.

It was below that Toni explained that they really did not really return together with Rob Moya. They fulfilled at a vet store only because of the dog that she claimed belonged to her ex-partner.

He claimed that he and also Rob Moya are still pals yet there is no fact in the reports that both in fact returned together.

"Sir Raffy, allow me just clear. My ex-lover and also I really did not return together. We just bid farewell and also forgave," stated Toni.

"I was the one who connected to him ... I called him for our pet dog," Toni clarified.

Rob Moya admitted that it was "fine" that he as well as Toni Fowler were really after their debates. It will certainly be kept in mind that the two went viral after they separated. In his most current vlog with Toni and also Rob that they are with each other, Rob asked forgiveness to Toni in addition to her family members for purportedly being associated with the said issue.

It will be remembered that a popular influencer is now viral in the internet community after the viral online offering of a warrant of apprehension on Tim Sawyer that has actually come to be fiercely debated today among netizens.

This conversation appeared after he (the aforementioned influencer) was just one of those arrested by the authorities when they got into Tim Sawyer's home.

The NBI itself is most likely to the residence of vlogger Tim Sawyer with a warrant of arrest for domestic physical violence. She was desired in infraction of Republic Act 9262 or the supposed Anti-Violence Against Women and also Their Kid Act.

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