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Yen Santos posts update on Instagram

After more than a month without social media, Yen Santos was able to log back onto her Instagram account following the breakup of LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis.

On Friday, the actress at 28 years old shared a smiley picture of herself and her companion against a pink wall on her Instagram Stories.

This was a day following the declaration by Vice President Leni Robertredo of her presidential bid for 2022 elections, which saw many celebrities wearing and posting pink.

Yen also shared clips from a trip she took with her companions in subsequent stories.

Yen shocked netizens last September 23 when she deleted all content from her Instagram account, which has over two million followers.

After being named as the third party in Paolo Contis’ split with LJ, the actress has faced controversies and has not updated her profile since.

Paolo refuted these allegations and stated that they are friends, having been spotted together on several occasions.

Yen has remained silent on the matter.