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Anne Curtis celebrates 12 years of marriage to It's Showtime Family

Anne Curtis is a loving mother to her It's Showtime family.

The host-actress shared a touching letter to her 12 year-old showbiz family via social media.

She wrote that although "a lot of things have changed", she knew these things remained - the love and support we have for each other, our madlang friends, and the desire to continue making them happy.

Anne stated that she is excited to share a laugh with them after more than a decade since her last show at noontime.

She said, "I would also like to thank my brothers and sisters of Inay, as well as the entire showtime family behind it who continue to work hard to create an amazing show despite all the challenges over the past few years."

Anne's absence has seen a lot of changes. Its Showtime director Bobet Vianes has resigned to take over the show's rival noontime program, TV5 Lunch Out Loud. Kim Atienza, a former Showtime host, has moved to GMA.

Anne assured her fans in July that she was still ready to return to It’s Showtime, almost two years after her maternity leave.