About Fipbo
The Filipino Social Media - with our new feature, users can like, share, comment on posts, photos, and videos.

What is Fipbo.Com

Fipbo.com is a free speech social media platform for those who are tired of being censored and blocked on the larger social media giants. We are a startup company that has seen many years of progressively worse conditions developing on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Unlike other startups, we actually consider a lot of different situations of those who have signed up with us. Most other small platforms will ban you just for speaking an opinion they don't like.
This is not what Fipbo stands for, and views it as worse than what the larger tech companies are doing. We mainly focus on conservative values and topics, however, we welcome others from different views to come and experience our platform. However, blatant trolling and insulting is not productive conversation, and will be removed before it becomes an issue.