Runescape is so completely grindy and people don't wish to do it

Runescape is so completely grindy and people don't wish to do it


PLEASE NOTE: Grand Exchange prices fluctuate often, and this technique will only work if the fire rune price is 4gp or lower to give gain (it isn't recommended to do this procedure if fire rune cost is over 3gp). Okay, so now I had been playing a little bit of conquest like that I do. I make it clear that I don't like fighting people with more than one champ (I say"fighting with a single or less champ". He challenges me. Moments after the game began, I discovered he had two champs. He cast Chastise, on RS gold my Archer which couldn't have attacked him Charge, atleast 20 times.

Throughout the match, he maintained wasting his Chastise on things he should not have, used stoicism once I wasn't near him, used BC to kill my scouts and then when I attempted to help him (I have a tendency to shame people with grammar that terrible), he said he doesn't need my help since he's undefeated. And then, at the end he says I cheated as my my Mage killed his champ. Was he a godly troll, or just a seven year-old? Additionally, feel free to place any of your experience with trolls! I enjoy hearing stories about these.

I was planning to place this in Suggestions but I truly don't have any strong tips on how best to repair it. That can be more or less my opinion rather than a suggestion so... yeah. I really think the botting problem may be traced back into the biggest issue with Runescape, which can be grinding. I have not played WoW, or any other MMO, however from what I know it has much less of a mill, as well as needing less bots running around.

I know people take pride in their stats, and also the time that it took to receive them, but let's be honest here. Grinding does not mean much. It doesn't take any sort of effort or skill, only free time and willingness to squander hours doing repetitive jobs.

Runescape is indeed completely grindy

That is why robots exist. Runescape is so completely grindy and people don't wish to do it. They just want to pk and perform all the fun stuff. Me, I mainly want to quest, however, the reqs can at times involve serious grinding. If it buy rsgp paypal were not for the fact that I cared about the lore(something too many gamers do not seem to) I likely wouldn't be playing today because of it.