Terms of Use

General Provisions & Regulations

As a Free speech supporting social network, we aim to ensure high levels of usability and an environment that does not evolve into things we do not support. Because of this, we have a few basic things that are agreed to each time you log in to the site and post content. Although this may seem a bit like community standards, they are more clear and actually have a purpose. Please abide by the following terms:

  • 1. Do not threaten harm, or death, on a specific person or group of people. This includes race, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, and other protected statuses under federal laws. Content should not depict these actions, intentions, or otherwise implied depictions of such behaviors and opinions.
  • 2. No pornography, depictions of pornography, or otherwise extremely distasteful imagery of a sexual nature. If you have any questions whether it should be posted, there is a good chance it should not.
  • 3. Do not post illegal files. This includes warez, pirated files, unlicensed software that has been cracked, ect.
  • 4. Spamming is a big no-no. Spam is defined as a link posted with no actual substance or usefulness attached to it. If you are here to just keep spamming your website link outside of a business-related page, it will not go well for you. Spamming also constitutes posting indirect links from competing social media sites simply to gain traffic for the social site. Excessive spamming of these sites will result in deletion of posts related to them, and eventually banning of the account engaging in this practice.
  • 5. Verbal Abuse of adminstration or moderators will not be tolerated. Administrators reserve the right to terminate your account for violation of this policy. Remember, you agree to the terms each time you log in, so it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you follow them.

There are several levels of penalties levied for violation of the rules, with banning and removal of account being the most severe. Fipbo reserves the right to remove any content that is in violation of this policy. If you feel that your content has been removed wrongly, you can send an email to [email protected] and request a review of the content. However, most often decisions are final, and are only implemented when the content blatantly goes against our policy.

The following content goes against our terms of use policy, and will be dealt with according to the severity of the offense:

  • Images of a strongly sexually suggestive nature, pornography, lewd photography (images which depict acts which would suggest sexual conduct)
  • Illegal files, warez, cracked software, or other software/files which would normally require a license that have been made accessible through non-licensed means
  • PDF files which contain malicious code aiming for the sole purpose of infecting a computer/mobile device
  • Non-Paid advertising for other social networks that compete with Fipbo. These include: Gab, Mewe, Parler, Magabook, Spreely, Xephula, pocketnet, Liberty Rush, and others that are yet to be listed here. Be advised, linking to direct posts from these networks do not fall into this policy. The definition of Non-Paid advertising is any direct linking to only the main page of the site without monetary investment.
  • Polls which aim only to push hatred, divisiveness, and bigoted agendas. This includes asking if a certain race is superior, or pushing Nazi policy. We would think that our members wouldn't stoop THAT low.
  • Direct sale of illegal products. This includes drugs of any kind, CBD products (still illegal in a lot of states), weapons without a FFL dealer involved, and other illicit substances/products
  • Sexual services/escort services that aims to provide sexual favors in exchange for other services and/or money
  • Repeated unsolicited messaging of users for dating services, companionship, or other dating/romance related activities, as well as money and/or products. No means no, people.
  • Any attempt to hack, modify, crack, or otherwise circumvent the normal operation of the Fipbo platform for personal gain, or in attempt to attack/destroy the platform and/or database.
  • Attacking, threatening, or attempting to intimidate any staff member of Fipbo.
  • Misrepresenting yourself via messages, posts, or profile. This means do not pretend to be another person, staff member, or admin of Fipbo at any time.
  • Images/videos which contain blatantly bigoted, racist, or lewd remarks in an attempt to bypass posting rules.
  • Messaging users to badmouth Fipbo in an attempt to lure users away from the platform.

This is not a complete list of things you should not do, and this list will be changed and added to as time goes on. The point here is, don't do things that will get you removed from the platform. Use common sense.

Content Rights and Ownership

Any content posted on Fipbo must follow this policy and is subject to the following hold-harmless clauses as enacted by social media distributary standards: Any content posted on your Fipbo profile/account will be sharable throughout the platform. Any materials which claim strict copyright policies concerning their distribution should NOT be posted on Fipbo. Any images bearing a watermark are able to be distributed as long as they retain the watermark after shared. ANY offering of software/services are provided by a company owned by you, and licensing requirements are provided outside of the scope of Fipbo. No attempt is made to digitally/physically alter any copyright/watermark/license contained on the content provided. By utilizing and logging into Fipbo, you provide expressed consent for distribution of your content across the platform, and hold harmless Fipbo, and its affiliates, from any specific actions or modifications a member of the platform makes to such content. If you feel your content has been wrongly stolen, or altered in a way that removes a federal copyright from such content, please send a message to [email protected] and detail the violation. When e-mailing the DMCA department, please include the following info: Link to the post in question. Your Full Name. A valid e-mail to contact. Documentation/proof showing copyright claim is valid. Details about the incident. Fipbo will respond and attempt to resolve any DMCA claims in a timely manner (typically 3-5 business days). Please allow this time for an agent to review your report. Once reviewed, an agent will contact you for any additional details, or provide a status of the report. Any serious violations will be referred to the legal department for follow up information, and possible preparation to send to a court of law. Be advised that Fipbo will only assist in the capacity of providing evidence that a violation has been committed, however, will not pay legal fees or be held as a defendant in a court of law concerning such violation.

Your Account & Profile

Your account on Fipbo comes with its own set of standards and protections. As a member of Fipbo, you agree to these terms upon login, and continued use of the platform.

The following policies relate to your account, and must be adhered to as part of continued use of our platform:

  • There is no fee for registration, use, and/or continued access concerning your basic account.
  • Any accounts that parody other accounts must state clearly that they are a "Parody" within their name, or "about" section.
  • Fipbo has NO obligation to provide you an account at any time.
  • Fipbo will provide a fair and unbiased assessment of any account/content reports.
  • The selling of accounts is strictly prohibited.
  • Your account will not be used to organize violent, terroristic, or deviously-skewed behaviors and/or events.
  • International accounts are bound by the laws and regulations maintained in the United States of America. Local laws and regulations also apply, but do not supersede U.S. Federal Laws.
  • Your account will not be utilized to scam, extort, and/or otherwise engage in behaviors which attempt to solicit money/services from members who have not first explicitly agreed to receive such communications from you.
  • You will not create multiple accounts for the sole purpose of utilizing them to repeatedly report the same content excessively. This is a form of censorship, and will have consequences.
  • You account will not engage in "doxxing", and/or the direct publishing of personal information of a user for the sole purpose of endangering their life, creating danger for that user, and/or enacting retaliation for personal/business reasons.
  • At no point will your account be used to disperse governmentally classified information.
  • Your account cannot produce any operating issues with Fipbo.

Be personally aware that you are in control of your account. Therefore, any violations concerning your account will be directed specifically towards the account in question, and may not reach to other accounts owned by you. However, there may be special cases where ALL accounts owned by a specific user can be penalized for misbehavior and clear violation of the terms and conditions set forth. In these circumstances, all accounts tied to you will be contacted concerning the violation committed, and the action needed to remedy and/or reason for account removal.

You, as the account owner, may also choose to delete your account at any time and for any reason. Fipbo may not attempt to coerce/force any user to retain their account on the platform at any time.

Fipbo reserves the right to suspend and/or delete your account for violation of policies, rules, and legal reasons.

Advertising and Refunds

Fipbo does NOT offer refunds on products and services that have been purchased on the network. This includes pro plans, advertising, memberships, and product services which require a cost. Refunds are not offered, as all products and services offered by Fipbo are digital in nature.

Media Agencies & Government Officials/Law Enforcement

Although you are welcome on this platform as a user to convey your opinions, at no point will you attempt to use someone else's opinion against them using your authority or power. Any attempt to arrest, defame, smear, or otherwise bring hardship upon another creator on Fipbo that does not directly violate the rules specified above will be met with legal challenges, and lawsuits stemming from improper use of our platform. In other words, do not even attempt to stifle the valid personal opinion of someone else that does not directly violate the law.

Effective: November 6th, 2020