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Are DJ Mo Whirlwind, Paolo Contis as well as Yen Santos Actually the Target of His Tweet?

A showbiz character, DJ Mo Tornado, is now heating up social media after resigning a blind item that many netizens have attached to the divorced Paolo Contis and also LJ Reyes.

Lately among the trending ones on social networks is the divorce of LJ as well as Paolo. Many netizens might not believe it as a result of the declared many wonderful blog posts as well as moments the two touched the heart of every netizen.

In his meeting with Child Abunda, LJ Reyes validated his splitting up from Paolo Contis and also their unexpected separation from the country, "We left because I really felt that I truly need to obtain myself and my children out of the circumstance physically.

"To in some way aid us emotionally and mentally to recoup and rebuild as a tiny household," LJ added.

However, just recently, Paolo was caught with another woman. However, it could not be established who the woman was with because the two transformed their backs on the photograph.

"Having sex while eating, that's so sweet!!," captioned the netizen that shared the photo in his Instagram tale and also explained that both were in Baguio City.

Because it has actually not yet been identified that Paolo's female partner is, individual opinions and speculations are spreading out as to who the claimed star's companion is.

On his Twitter account, well-known showbiz personality DJ Mo Whirlwind shared a relatively 'tea' or blind thing about musicians who really feel great when they interact.

"Not amazed to be sincere. actors/actresses frequently develop sensations for each other when firing such enchanting movies. specifically, if you shoot in location places like Europe. most especially if you obtain your b * tth * le licked., "tweeted DJ Mo Tornado.

In a tweet by DJ Mo Tornado, lots of netizens gave their suppositions on what the claimed DJ is targeting.

Many have given their supposition that this tweet has something to do with LJ, Paolo, and Yen Santos.

It will also be borne in mind that Paolo Contis and Yen Santos interacted in the film "A Faraway Island" where the flick was shot in the Faroe Islands which becomes part of Europe.

Remember, LJ has already ruined all the suppositions of numerous regarding why they are formally divided from her veteran sweetheart Paolo Contis.

According to LJ, he has actually also been silent for a long time concerning what he has actually understood in their partnership. He has also discovered several points within their connection in recent months.

"The past two months have actually been discovered after revelation," the starlet stated.

The starlet also exposed just how hard it is for her to sleep every evening. The only thing that can ease his heart is to listen to applaud and also worship songs.

"In the evening, appreciation and prayer make me rest," the starlet added.

The actress also claimed that in some cases she has problems and also she likewise has plenty of inquiries to herself as to why they end up like that.