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Derek Ramsay, John Estrada's Relationship Has actually Been Broken; Their Relationship Is Irrevocable

Among the most questionable stars, Derek Ramsay, is now being discussed after Ogie Diaz as well as Mama Loi asked him directly in their meeting with him about the dispersing concern.

In their showbiz upgrade vlog, Mama Loi, Ogie Diaz, and Derek went over the "walkout concern." In the middle of their meeting, Ogie directly asked Derek about his friendship with John Estrada.

This walkout problem has to do with Derek Ramsay's fiancé Ellen Adarna where the two Ellen and also John are together in a comedy on the program John as well as Ellen on TV5.

According to the report, Ellen suddenly left the set despite the fact that she still had some scenes that were not filmed.

The starlet also did not say goodbye to the manufacturing head when she left with her fiancé Derek.

Ellen and also John's co-star Long Mejia confirmed the starlet' walkout event on their last insulation day.

According to the professional comic, it was rude for Ellen to leave without a correct goodbye and also the job is not over yet.

Ellen likewise allegedly did not appreciate the carbon monoxide -workers affected.

So his ability manager Ogie Diaz asked him straight, "Derek, your friendship with John can't be recovered," Ogie asked Derek.

Derek responded promptly and without hesitation in his statement. She claimed it seemed vague to restore her former friendship with John.

Derek admitted that he used to be near Priscilla and John Estrada's own family, but also currently, he just does not desire 'bad energy' for the good of everyone.

" No, I don't think so. Again, I don't wish any ill feelings in the direction of John, his family, I have actually been close to Priscilla. It's simply that I think for the good of everybody. I don't want bad energy." "I'm not claiming John is an enemy or negative energy ha. It just went too far," Derek stated.

" I just wish to stay clear of any type of negativity, I'm getting in the next phase of my life ..."

Derek: "I want you well bro, but that relationship is certainly out the door."

It will be remembered that in an interview by Ogie Diaz with Derek, Derek once again answered the very same concern between him as well as John Estrada.

"He's not my adversary. He's not my friend. He's no more a good friend of mine. I simply don't want to link myself with John," Derek said.

"I would lie if it had nothing to do with what took place to Ellen, but that's the icing on the cake. That's what pushed me that sufficient is enough," he included.

Derek likewise said that Ellen additionally experienced numerous troubles with their "John and Ellen" comedy.

"He felt my anger. I believe John recognized where I came from ... A lot happened to Ellen on that program. Yet, I'll give it to John. He was apologetic concerning the important things that occurred. Yet, there were certain things that I can no longer accept, "Derek hinted.

"For me, you happen with your life, I'll happen with my life. I wish you well, Brother," the actor added.