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Yassi Pressman shares her experience with surfing and how it has improved her mental health

Yassi Pressman shared her experience surfing and her thoughts on World Mental Health Day.

The actress shared her thoughts with her fans in order to encourage them to have faith and to take care of themselves.

Although surfing was not easy for someone like her, she persevered and learned a lot from her experience in Siargao.

To keep going, Yassi said, "Take a few deep breaths at a calm spot. Then, start paddling back. Get back to the beginning. No matter how good you do, take the chance."

The 26-year old shared that her process was similar to how she takes care about her mental health.

"Sharing this story, cause I felt like it did me well. Hope this story also encourages others to keep believing in themselves. Don't give up! Take care of yourself, your mental health, your peace. Find people and places that make you happy," she added.


Yassi shared her story about how another activity saved her during a difficult time in her life in September.

In a previous social media post she shared how boxing helped to find her purpose and pushed her to be better.