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'Loyal na lang hiling ko Kiray Celis receives luxury sandals and a new phone from BF

Stephan Estopia, Kiray Celis' boyfriend not in the showbiz, is scoring major boyfriend points after he gave her a new phone and sandals as Christmas gifts.

The actress-comedian shared her admiration for her boyfriend's sweet gesture on social media. She said that she only wanted a loyal man and received much more than she expected.

"Loyal na lalaki lang hiniling ko. Pero binigyan niyo ko ng lalaking may pa iphone 13 na may pa LV pa! Huhuhuhu! Christmas gift nadaw niya sakin. HAHAHAHAHA. She wrote, "I love you, @stephan.estopia."

She shared her look in the snaps with Louis Vuitton sandals.

It seems like the 26-year old's boyfriend loves big, romantic gestures. In September, Kiray's eyes were tattooed on his left chest.

Stephan even offered to ink her full name as well as the rest of her facial features on his body.